Our Services

Whatever your needs are, we can help. We offer a variety of services, and are willing to talk about what your specific needs are and if they fit with what we can offer. Some of the main services that we offer are:

  • Legislative lobbying -- We provide effective lobbying, and advice on lobbying strategy, to effectively address clients' needs. This includes drafting legislation and moving legislation through the entire legislative process. Whether it is focusing on specific staff working on an issue, a specific committee, leadership, or the entire General Assembly, we can help our clients understand the legislative process and where their issues fit, as well as help pass legislation.
  • Executive lobbying -- The Executive branch has wide latitude on policy implementation, including the implementation of the budget, the development of administrative rules, and program policies. The Governor's office and state agencies play a significant role in what programs look like, and it is essential to maintain effective relationships with the executive branch in order to make sure that our clients' needs are considered. We can act as our client's primary representative in these discussions, or help facilitate and advise our clients on how to approach them.
  • Budget analysis -- We track the budget implementation and appropriations process. This includes:
    • State agencies formulating budget possibilities
    • The Governor's budget address/proposal
    • The legislative appropriation process - from start of appropriation committee work through the passage of budget bills
    • The Governor and state agencies' implementation of the budget
  • Legislation and issue tracking -- The Illinois General Assembly typically sees several thousand pieces of legislation over a two-year session. We help our clients track and analyze legislation that could impact them. We monitor specific policy issues, agencies, individual pieces of legislation, or other specific areas that clients would like to monitor. We also track and monitor the budget and appropriation process for our clients, ensuring that you our clients do not miss important legislation, committees, or deadlines.
  • Strategic consulting -- Sometimes you don't need direct lobbying and legislative analysis. Or you may need something else on top of those things in order to meet all of your needs. We can help provide strategic advice on grassroots issue campaigns, political decisions, legislative scorecards, and more.
  • Political consulting -- Want to run for office? We can help from Day 1, including building relationships, putting together an effective campaign team, working with consultants/vendors, building an effective petition circulating operation, all the way to getting to victory on election day.
  • Web development/social media -- We can build your web presence. What people see on your website or on Facebook may be the first, and possibly even the only, time they see and learn about you. From a clean, simple website to effective social media engagement, we can help you- whether it is an election, a bill you want to pass, or an organization that wants a bigger web presence - have an effective web presence that reaches the audience that you want to reach.